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A Christmas With Le Gang ^u^ by AmeliaLovesGaming A Christmas With Le Gang ^u^ :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 2 0 Kagami Hazu. by AmeliaLovesGaming Kagami Hazu. :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 2 0 Chrissy The Dog ~ by AmeliaLovesGaming Chrissy The Dog ~ :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 1 5 Mushisho, Ishiku and Kuroe: Sonic Charrie Maker. by AmeliaLovesGaming Mushisho, Ishiku and Kuroe: Sonic Charrie Maker. :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 2 0 Cecelia ~ by AmeliaLovesGaming Cecelia ~ :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 2 0 Shadows Friend by AmeliaLovesGaming Shadows Friend :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 0 5 Avatar 2 ^-^ by AmeliaLovesGaming Avatar 2 ^-^ :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 1 2 Pokemon trainer 1 by AmeliaLovesGaming Pokemon trainer 1 :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 0 0 Avatar :3 by AmeliaLovesGaming Avatar :3 :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 1 2 Sasha The Human by AmeliaLovesGaming Sasha The Human :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 0 2 Devil Pony ^_^ by AmeliaLovesGaming Devil Pony ^_^ :iconamelialovesgaming:AmeliaLovesGaming 0 0


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Return to Vegas :iconcwgirlup75:cwgirlup75 8 15
Pg89 Just Your Problem by Hootsweets Pg89 Just Your Problem :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,848 489
Stay With Me. (2/?)
Gf took distance from Bonnie and aligned himself with the middle of the stage. He sat cross-legged, and started to concentrate. His eyes went in a deep, white tone. Bonnie watched, apprehensive. He didn't know what was happening.
  Meanwhile, GF connected with the spiritual world, and began his search  for Foxy’s soul. It took him four hours, but for Bonnie, it were only five minutes. Gf approached Foxy's soul, and tried to convince him to get back.
"Goldy? What are ya doing here?"
"Foxy... i'm here to take you back."
"But i died, it's impossible."
"It is not. I can revive you."
"But i'm in peace here."
"Please, Foxy. Bonnie needs you, he's... devastated."
"Bonnie will never get out of this. He won't move on. You need to return."
"If it's for h'm."
Gf started the process to bring Foxy's soul to his body. Meanwhile, in the solid world, Bonnie went to Pirate cove, and saw Foxy's body. It make him sad, but hopeful. Foxy's body began to shake, and levitate. Bonnie ma
:iconstaalone:Staalone 18 1
Witch guardian maker v2 by Hapuriainen Witch guardian maker v2 :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 2,088 485 drarry by chouette-e drarry :iconchouette-e:chouette-e 768 59 I luff u~ by cartoonxcatxlover I luff u~ :iconcartoonxcatxlover:cartoonxcatxlover 145 35 foxy x bonnie by Sir-Hootalot foxy x bonnie :iconsir-hootalot:Sir-Hootalot 213 28 Knuxadow by RednBlackDevil Knuxadow :iconrednblackdevil:RednBlackDevil 194 17
Where She Belongs [Danisnotonfire x Reader]
You've been living with Dan and Phil for five years already. Uni is finally over, and you suddenly remember that you have to move back with your parents again.
You start packing all your clothing into your suitcase when you see a figure appear at the door. "Hi, Dan," you say in a sorrowful mood.
"Hi, (y/n)," he replies, sitting down on the bed and looking up at you. "What's wrong?"
"I don't think I've told you this, but.. I have to move back."
"What? Why?" Dan seems shocked, making you laugh a little.
"I was only staying for, like, five years."
"You can't leave! I won't let you!"
"I'm sorry, Dan. My parents miss me. I miss them, too."
"Then... I'm going to visit them with you," he nods.
"What?" Now it's your turn to be shocked.
"I'll order a plane ticket and visit your parents with you," Dan says affirmatively.
"Dan, you're amazing," you throw your arms around his neck and kiss him.
"I can't just let you slip away, love," he smiles, wrapping his arms around your small waist. You lean y
:iconawkwardlyamerican:Awkwardlyamerican 172 65
+PainT LovE+ by shadangel98 +PainT LovE+ :iconshadangel98:shadangel98 57 13
Mangle x Reader- The Clumsiest Person Alive
“Oh my! Are you alright (y/n)?” Toy Bonnie asked, rushing over to your side. You cursed and stood up, him grabbing your shoulders softly. This was like the 5th time you had fallen down!
“Yeah, I’m fine Bonnie, thanks.” You smiled. He nuzzled your forehead softly, then turned and began talking to Toy Chica again. You sighed and walked off, going towards Kid Cove. Your best friend, Mangle. She was always ready to listen to your problems and cheer you up.
Walking into Kid Cove, you heard that same radio interference that you always did, but you were pretty much used to it. You drowned it out and looked around for Mangle. Was she out walking around again?
“HELLOOOOO (Y/N)!” Mangle swung down in front of you from the ceiling. “I’VE HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN LIKE, A WHILE!” She exclaimed, falling to the floor.
“Mangle, it’s only been like 10 minutes! I had to oil you up earlier, remember?” You smiled. She was silen
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 203 72
Shadilver-Journal Jacker-P22
It was the next day, the study weekend was over, and shadow and silver were now
offically together. What a great time it was becoming...but it didn't last...
Shadow was lying on his bed, hanging upside down over the side, and silver sat
next to him, watching him.
"So exams start tomorrow huh," shadow spoke.
"yeah that's right, iv'e studied alot, what about you?"
Shadows ears dropped and he smiled a little.
"Ah heh...well..."
"You didn't did you?"
Shadow sat up quickly.
"T-thats not true!"
"Ok then what did you study?" silver asked smiling.
"I studied...stuff.."
"Sure you did," he said sarcastically with a smile on his face.
"I'll wipe that smile off your face if your not careful."
"Oh yeah, how'd you expect to do that?"
Shadow raised an eyebrow, smirking. Silver's ears dropped a little and looked
"O-ok, never mind."
"Thought so," shadow laughed.
Fernando sat up in his bed, stretching out and yawning. He looked down to see
Rodney typing away at the computer. Since silver
:iconsilverhedgie:SilverHedgie 45 25
Strawberry Cherry by ShotaDeer Strawberry Cherry :iconshotadeer:ShotaDeer 91 2
Dit dah - Transformers Fanfic
Bumblebee sighed softly to himself, switching the radio station until a new song came up over his speakers, filling the car.  It didn’t take long for him to get bored again.  Bumblebee and Optimus Prime had taken on a mission that just turned out to be a false alarm, and if there was even a threat to begin with, the humans could have easily handled it.  As if to prove that there was practically no threat, Optimus had even allowed Sam to come along for the ride, the young male begging to be brought along and promising to find cover if something did happen.  In truth, Sam wanted to look for a special gift for Mikaela for “Valentine’s Day” or whatever it was called
It was late at night now, no one else on the road save for the yellow Camaro and the flame painted Peterbilt semi and it was a long drive back to base since they were a few states over.  Sam had started to doze on and off as humans tended to do when it got la
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 29 21
Butterfly Dragon Lime Green by ShaidySkyDesign Butterfly Dragon Lime Green :iconshaidyskydesign:ShaidySkyDesign 122 12




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